Teeth in a Day

"Teeth in a Day" refers to full-arch restoration and placement of an immediate implant-fixed denture. This procedure allows the denture to be securely held in place while eating, talking, yawning, and smiling. Millions of people around the world use a denture, and this treatment offers a solution for those who want a more secure type of prosthesis. If you currently have failing teeth, are thinking about dentures, or are currently wearing dentures, this is a great option you should consider.

During the procedure, any failing teeth present will be removed and any infection cleaned out. 4-6 implants are placed for maximum stability. The temporary denture is then attached to the implants the same day, allowing you to put your new teeth to use. Your upper teeth would have no false palate, improving taste and texture of food. This procedure can be completed in one day and does not require you to be without teeth for any point in time. After the procedure, discomfort is often minor and temporary. A soft diet is recommended during the initial healing phase, with over the counter pain reliever to assist with any discomfort. 


  • Functions and looks like regular teeth

  • Immune to any sort of decay

  • Freedom to eat whatever you would like

  • Maintain a youthful appearance

  • Custom made for your face and smile

  • Patients of all ages can benefit from this treatment

  • Can utilize your existing denture 

  • Less expensive than individual implants

  • Fast recovery time

After 2-3 months, the implants have bonded to the surrounding bone and the final set of dentures will be sat. This time period provides you an opportunity to pick what your perfect smile will look like with complete control. 

If you are suffering from failing teeth, ill fitting dentures, are currently wearing dentures, or are looking at dentures in the future, contact our office at (216) 642-9111 to schedule your consult with one of our highly trained doctors.

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