Laser Periodontal Treatment


Laser periodontal treatment or LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) is a minimally invasive treatment provided by Dr. Morgan and Dr. Lemke. Using a very thin laser wand to access the pocket around your tooth allows access to the part of your tooth below the gumline.  The laser action of the instrument attacks and destroys the bacteria and the damaged tissue.  An ultrasonic instument is used to remove the tartar from the below the gumline.  A second pass through the pocket with the laser seals and closes the pocket creating a more natural closure to promote healing.  Post operative instructions include choosing foods carefully that will not disturb the closure and refraining from brushing the area for a given period of time.  Any discomfort can usually be handled with Ibuprofen (Motrin) or Tylenol in the first day or two.  Antibiotics are usually prescribed.


The more common way of performing this osseous surgery was by cutting (flapping) the tissue away from the tooth, removing the tartar and then  suturing each flap closed.  This was a much more time consuming, uncomfortable process - slower in healing with results that were less remarkable. 


Please take a moment to preview the brief video of the LANAP procedure.

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