Frenectomy (frenulectomy) is a common procedure performed by your periodontist to remove, release or relax the frenum (frenulum).  The frenum is a small tissue fold which stretches between your upper or lower lip  and your front teeth (labial frenums) , and also from the under side of the tongue to the floor of your mouth (lingual frenum).  Quite often this frenum is “tight” or shortened and causes problems in the mouth. 


One of the more recognizable conditions is call “tongue-tied”; a condition that restricts the full movement of the tongue causing difficulty in speech.  Another condition which involves the labial frenum can cause the gum tissue to pull away from the normal gumline (recession).  Your orthodontist may have recommended that you or your child have a frenectomy procedure to allow the placement of orthodontic braces without interference.  Your dentist may have suggested that you see the periodontist because the recession is causing sensitivity to hot and/or cold in your mouth.


The frenectomy can be performed by your periodontist in a brief surgical procedure, often using a laser. An evening of rest and a return check appointment will be all that is required of you. 


Most standard dental insurance plans include benefits for this procedure.

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