Dental Implants


Dental implants are the best way to replace a tooth that has been lost by accident, periodontal disease (bone loss), decay or has been missing since birth (congenitally missing).  Simply put, the dental implant is the component that replaces the root of the missing tooth.  Afterwards, a crown will be placed on the implant and you will have a permanently fixed tooth.


Dental implants can be placed individually or several at a time.  Sometimes implants are placed with a space between them and the general dentist places a fixed “bridge” which attaches to the implants.  In this case, artificial teeth are attached to the crowns on the implants to replace the missing teeth.


If you are missing all your teeth (or if you have poor teeth that will need removed), you do not need to go to dentures.  With the Quattro process four dental implants are placed and teeth are immediately attached to the implants.  You leave the procedure with beautiful, strong teeth that you can function on that day.  After about three months, the initial teeth are replaced with the definitive teeth that will give you wonderful esthetics and function! 


In the event that partial or full dentures are your choice to resolve more advanced dental problems, dental implants can be placed to support your denture and eliminate the “slip” commonly associated with dentures. 


Our office is fully equipped and ready to evaluate you as a candidate for dental implants.  We work with your dentist to give you confidence to smile and eat again.   Please feel free to call, email or blog for more information on these special events.  Soon you will be on your way to a new smile.

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