Ceramic Implants

Tooth Extraction is a readily common procedure and while missing a tooth may seem to not have many long term consequences, there are several issues that can arise due to missing a tooth including:

  • Movement of neighboring teeth moving into that space

  • shrinkage of the bone left behind after tooth extraction, causing the face to appear pre-maturely older

  • Loss of function and increase work load placed on remaining teeth

  • esthetics

Implants are becoming more and more common and often are the ideal treatment to replace single or multiple missing teeth.  Ceramic implants are a great alternative to traditional titanium implants.

Ceramic implants are metal free implants that allow for crowns or bridges to be used to restore missing teeth and a beautiful nature looking smile.  The ceramic implant serves as a root to replace the missing tooth.  A restoration is then used to replace the tooth.

Key Benefits:

  • Look and feel natural
  • Does not require grinding on teeth
  • Long term replacement
  • Holistic-Friendly
  • Extremely strong
  • One piece design
  • Metal-allergy free

Drs. Morgan and Lemke have extensive experience using ceramic implants.  Aside for provide excellent care to patients using ceramic implants, they also have been teaching other specialists and dentists on the role of ceramic implants, indications and ways to restore beautiful smiles.  They have even given live patient courses, allowing dentists to see just how effective, comfortable and reliable implants can be.

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